Radio Interview

August 20, 2013 -- Ryan Shepherd, PhylloTech's CEO, was recently interviewed for the radio series "Engineers of the New Millennium." His interview can be found here under the heading "Tobacco Plants: Efficient Protein Makers?"


To protect the environment, we need to move away from toxic pesticides that endanger the health of our ecosystems. PhylloTech is creating safer alternatives for pathogen control and pollutant removal.


To produce biochemicals in an environmentally sustainable way, we are changing the way plants can be used as biofactories. From industrial proteins to biopharmaceuticals, our Trichome BioProduction systems renew the possibilities of plant protein production.


The Phylloplane, or leaf surface, is an untapped resource for natural products and bioactives. Our scientists are experts in plant science and plant pathology, and perform basic research on the leaf surface to understand its unique properties.


At PhylloTech, we are performing research at the crossroads of Clean Tech, Biotechnology, and Agriculture. We are improving methods to fight crop diseases and we are improving ways that plants can produce high value proteins.

PhylloTech is an agricultural biotechnology company located at the University Research Park in Madison, WI. We are developing new techniques for the sustainable production of high-value proteins in plants and the environmentally-friendly control of agricultural pathogens. Please check our technology page for more information about our research.

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