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PhylloTech receives SBIR Phase II grant from NSF

MADISON, Wisconsin, November 26, 2012.
PhylloTech, LLC announces that in August 2012 it received a two-year, $515,910 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Grant from the National Science Foundation to produce high-value proteins in plants.

“We are honored to receive this research grant so that we can expand the bioproduction abilities of plants,” said Dr. Ryan Shepherd, PhylloTech’s Chief Executive Officer. “Instead of producing proteins in plant interiors, where extraction and purification is expensive and time consuming, we use epidermal structures called trichomes to produce proteins at the leaf surface.”

This is the first SBIR Phase II grant that PhylloTech has received, and is the continuation of work performed with a SBIR Phase I grant from the National Science Foundation in 2011. The Phase II grant has been used to hire new employees and expand the company’s research and development efforts at the University Research Park in Madison, WI.

About PhylloTech, LLC.
PhylloTech is a biotechnology company that is developing novel protein bioproduction systems in plants and natural-product biofungicides. PhylloTech is headquartered at the University Research Park in Madison, WI, and currently has six employees. Please visit for further information.