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PhylloTech opens new Middleton, WI headquarters and receives additional NSF grant funds

Biopesticide developer and plant biotechnology company PhylloTech, LLC announces that it has opened a new headquarters in Middleton, WI. The company also announces that it has received a 2-year, $750,000 Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF).

PhylloTech’s new 6,000 square foot headquarters is located in the Middleton Business Park and includes office, lab, and production space. The facility enables the company to manufacture its biopesticide products and further expand its plant bioproduction platform. “We are excited to begin this new phase of growth and commercialization at PhylloTech,” said Ryan Shepherd, the company’s CEO. “We are also extremely grateful to our funding agencies, the NSF and the United States Department of Agriculture, for supporting the development of our technologies. There are true needs in agriculture and healthcare for safer products that fight disease with new inhibitory mechanisms. PhylloTech is dedicated to bringing these innovative products to market.”

PhylloTech, LLC was opened in 2010 at University Research Park (Madison, WI) by plant scientists and entrepreneurs Ryan Shepherd PhD and Colin Shepherd PhD, MBA. Since that time, the company has received over $2.4M in federal SBIR grants. Antifungal phylloplanin, the firm’s lead biopesticide product, is currently being registered with the EPA for use in agriculture. The company is also working with a number of clients on protein production projects utilizing its plant bioproduction system.

“In addition to our Phylloplanin antifungal biopesticide, we have several new biopesticides in development for the antifungal and antibacterial agriculture markets and we are beginning to enter these into the EPA registration process,” said Colin Shepherd, the company’s COO. “One of our goals is to have the largest pipeline of protein biopesticides, and we are well on our way to achieving this objective.”

PhylloTech, LLC will expand its employee count in the coming year, and currently has openings for both scientific and business development positions. For more information, please visit