Close up of Tobacco Leaf Surface


Dedicated to creating an environmentally-friendly biofungicide — a natural product that wouldn’t harm the environment, wildlife, or people — our scientists searched the plant kingdom.  As it turns out, nature provides biofungicides that are very safe yet very effective.  These novel, natural products are called Phylloplanins and attack pathogens yet leave no trace.


Natural product biofungicides are inherently safer than the toxic chemicals that have been used for decades.  Our goal is simple: To replace toxic synthetic chemicals with eco-friendly alternatives that help build an environmentally sustainable world.


What good is a safe product if it doesn’t work?  Our scientists have published groundbreaking research reports on phylloplanin discovery and effectiveness.  The results of their endeavors are clear: phylloplanins are extremely effective, broad-spectrum pathogen controls with natural product safety.


Tall and Short Glandular Trichomes on the Tobacco leaf surface.

Our core technology, discovered by company founders Dr. Ryan Shepherd and Dr. George Wagner, is a novel family of secreted plant proteins that inhibit a broad range of agricultural pathogens.  We believe these antimicrobial proteins are the next generation of environmentally-friendly biofungicides.



- Phylloplanins have broad-spectrum activity against numerous classes of fungal pathogens.

- Phylloplanins exist in nature as preformed defenses at the plant aerial frontline and retain activity in diverse environmental conditions.

- Protein-based biofungicides represent an emerging foundation for the next generation of pathogen-control products.

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